InFocus Launches New Line of LCD TVs

Don't count on these being available at your local mega-electronics retailer, but InFocus' new series of large, thin displays aimed at business and education users may just have you wishing they were. Available in 42, 55, and 65-inch varieties, the slim, professional-grade displays all pack a full 1080p resolution, a generous supply of inputs (including HDMI, VGA and RS232 for Crestron and AMX integration), a split screen feature to accommodate two separate video sources, and some anti-burn-in technology that will let you leave a pie chart up on the screen all day without any worries (if that's your thing). Of course, professional-grade also come with professional-grade prices, and these are no exception, with them running $1,399, $2,599, and $7,499 -- although InFocus insists they are aimed at the "budget-conscious professional." Here's a cool list so you can see the styling at work Cool feature list item 1 Cool feature list item 2 Cool feature list item 3 Sed porta, …
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